How to close 2016 with your best results ever

In our day-to-day endeavor in the direction of success, it is usually neglected exactly how our state of mind can have an extensive influence, despite the easiest modifications. What secondhand to be taken into consideration intrinsic qualities like intelligence, individuality and creative thinking can really be planted with the right state of mind, allowing the willpower as well as resilience to succeed … .

My big fat Greek real estate buying spree

When the big bad real estate wolf pondered what he would have for his next meal, he must have been a Russian bear looking for some tasty tenderloin fixes located in the Greek Mediterranean. Hence, he wasn’t disappointed when he saw the heaps of luxury real estate ready to be snapped up at bargain-basement prices in the little redheaded stepchild of the European Union (that’s Greece, of course — no disrespect intended) …

Foreign homebuyers spending less on US real estate, report says

Foreign financial investment of U.S. actual estate is slowing down, however not all markets are developed equally.

Asing reported in the current 2016 Profile of International Activity in UNITED STATE Residential Property from the National Organization of Realtors, slow-moving economic development in countries throughout the globe has detered international investment in American genuine estate … .