Landlord could be penalized for retaliation in fair housing case

Question: I am a landlord and I recently had a resident at among my buildings accuse me of discriminating versus these tenants for having children.

It is real that I have actually offered warnings to this family concerning the destruction that their kids have actually caused to my property, yet that is just due to the fact that it was the 3rd time the kids deliberately kicked and broke the sprinklers.

Would it be OK to tell the various other residents not to cooperate along with the complaining resident because I am forever innocent and simply hope to defend myself?

Answer: This is a wonderful question, and a situation that can easily induce a great deal of trouble for a housing provider if the reasonable housing laws are not fully understood.

The safest answer to your question is that you need to not discourage individuals from taking part in a housing discrimination investigation, also if you believe you are innocent of the say versus you.

Why? This behavior can easily be checked out as retaliation for a person attempting to physical exercise their reasonable housing rights.

Many housing providers are under the false impression that retaliation entails just raising the rent or evicting a person due to the fact that they filed a complaint concerning their housing provider. This is not true.

Retaliation can easily likewise contain various other types of behavior such as discouraging neighbors from cooperating along with a reasonable housing investigation, making threats of any kind of kind to the complaining tenant or various other individuals you believe are aiding the tenant, or offering some sort of reward or deal to various other tenants in the complex if they suggestions you in defending versus the complaint.

A say of retaliation can easily be gained not just by the tenant that initially gained the complaint, yet likewise by tenants that are threatened, intimidated or coerced in some way. Some housing providers are under the impression that if the discrimination say is false and they are innocent, they cannot be guilty of retaliation. This is not true.

Even if a resident falsely accuses a housing provider of discrimination, the housing provider can easily still be located accountable for retaliating versus a resident.

For example, in your case, if there is a housing discrimination investigation and it is located that you are not discriminating versus families along with children, yet you told every one of the residents that they need to not cooperate along with the investigation, you could still be penalized for retaliation.

Please note that every case is unique to the facts of that particular situation. For a lot more write-up concerning retaliation and the reasonable housing laws, contact a regional reasonable housing or mediation program, or Project Sentinel at (888) 324-7468, or visit

Van Deursen is director of Dispute Resolution Solutions for Project Sentinel, a Bay Location nonprofit. Send questions to Copyright © 2015, Los Angeles Times

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