Listings jump 22% as Southern California homeowners rush to sell

Southern California had 35,491 existing houses listed available for sale since May 2 — — 6,373 more than a year previously, or a 22% boost.

That’s the most up to date homebuying supply number for houses in the four-county region, according to ReportsOnHousing, which tracks patterns in brokers’ homebuying information networks. Given that 2012, listings have averaged 30,822 currently of year.

Residence seekers put 13,480 residences into escrow in the previous thirty day — — 189 less than a year earlier or a 1% decline. Considering that 2012, need for real estate — — new escrows — has averaged 14,919 currently of year. These pressures put market time at 79 days — — up 15 days in a year. (Market time is a price quote of selling rate incorporating listings as well as escrows.) Given that 2012, market time averaged 63 days right now of year.
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Los Angeles Area: 13,437 listings, up 23% in a year; 5,334 escrows, a decrease of 6% vs. a year ago; market time of 76 days is up 18 days in a year.

Orange Area: 7,185 listings, up 32% in a year; 2,653 escrows, a decrease if 1% vs. a year ago; market time of 81 days is up 20 days in a year.

Waterfront County: 9,047 listings, up 11% in a year; 3,139 escrows, up 1% vs. a year ago; market time of 86 days — — up 8 days in a year. San Bernardino Area: 5,822 listings, up 26% in a year; 2,354 escrows, up 7% vs. a year ago; market time of 74 days — — up 11 days in a year.

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